STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Technology)

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics—STEAM—is vital to our future. STEAM is everywhere. It shapes our everyday experiences so thoroughly that it should be taught in an engaging manner for all students. By partnering with the University of West Georgia, our students are given numerous opportunities to conduct research and participate in the college's CEISMC program on both the college campus and that of Liberty Tech. Our enriched school year gives students the time to engage in exciting hands-on projects to touch, feel, and experience the sciences throughout the year. Our dual enrollment program will give students the opportunity to take college level courses because they are curious and want to learn, not to check a box. In the process they can earn up to two years of college credits. This approach has been shown to attract students to college majorsthat they may not have considered previously.

Current research in project-based learning suggests that hands-on, problem-based approaches to learning can increase student interest, perseverance, and result in a higher level of learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math due to the engagement in authentic problems, collaborative learning and creative approaches. Liberty Tech Charter School embraces project-based learning in both our Lower and Upper Schools. In Lower School classrooms work throughout the semester on projects related to the curriculum they are studying. The semester culminates in an Exhibition Night where students’ projects are displayed for the community to view and interact with, while students serve as the docents for the evening and walk community members through the learning process that occurred during the creation of the projects.For Upper School project-based learning also occurs during their regularly scheduled courses; however, these students get an additional 90 minutes of project-time each day in which they work on significant long-term projects. Like Lower School, each Upper School semester culminates in an Exhibition Night where the products take center stage for the community to view.