Teams Not Clubs

At Liberty Tech, we want to encourage all students to be active participants in extracuricular activities, but we have intentionally avoided clubs in favor of teams. Anyone can join a club and show up (or not), participate (or not). Teams are a different story. Teams require active participation and depend on each member to do their best, contribute, and grow. That is why we will have athletic teams, as well as the Robotics Team, the Science Olympiad Team, the Model UN Team, Chess Team, and much more. K-6 grades have a TEAM period each semester to expose them to the many opportunities. By the time students have reached seventh grade, they should have a well formulated list of interests to help them choose which teams to join.

LTCS 2016-2017 Robotics Teams
LTCS 2016-2017 Robotics Teams (Inaugural Season) with Awards